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 Principal's Message                                                             

Dear Oldmans Families & Friends:

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year at Oldmans Township School and the excitement of new learning opportunities for your children. I am sure there is great anticipation with regard to what lies ahead as we journey into the year.  I am looking forward to embarking on this exciting trip with you.

Our highly qualified and dedicated staff will continue to help our students achieve academically and socially by designing lessons that engage and challenge them. Even more importantly, the students themselves will be required to be active participants in their learning. The education of our students is a collaborative responsibility among the school/teachers, parents/guardians, and students.  We will continue to “raise the bar” to enhance student achievement. 

Our outstanding PTA is an extension of our school community and supports and expands upon our district’s programs.  The PTA provides many wonderful activities and events for the school and for the students.  Please show your support by becoming an active member.  Our fabulous Board of Education will continue to take action to help strategically plan towards ensuring an educationally sound and innovative future for our school. 

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new staff members and share some of the school’s highlights with you.  Joining our wonderful staff are Debra Mahoney and Lori Powers classroom teachers, Carol Verechia school nurse, and Kimberly Schreiber resource room teacher.  

Oldmans is a Choice School, which means that students from neighboring towns have the opportunity to attend Oldmans. We have 31 choice students enrolled for the 2012-2013 school year. Please join me in welcoming our new staff members and our new students. 

To continue to promote good character, we will be introducing the S.T.A.R. Student Program, where students in grades K-8 can receive a S.T.A.R. Student certificate for exhibiting respectful behavior, citizenship, kindness, etc. Any adult in the school may give a student a S.T.A.R. Student certificate. 

In June, Oldmans Board of Education and administrators met to set goals and create a Strategic Plan for the 2012-2013 school year. The goals include: Enhancing our curriculum and instructional activities through the infusion of technology, augmentation of the character education program, continued integration of differentiated instructional activities, and analysis of data to make informed educational decisions to meet/exceed your child’s learning needs.  An additional goal is to provide for the successful implementation of the state mandated teacher evaluation system, which is designed to strengthen teachers’ professional practices and enhance student achievement.  

I am pleased to share that Oldmans Township School has been designated as a “high performing” school by the New Jersey Department of Education. This designation results from the Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) District Performance Review, which is an extensive review of the District’s instructional programs and practices, fiscal management, operations, personnel and governance.

Oldmans is the “jewel” of this town and I am proud to serve as its principal. I am looking forward to beginning the new school year with you on September 6th. Please stop by to visit our school and share your ideas and suggestions as we work together on behalf of all of our students. 

Shari Payson
Shari Payson